Casting calls advices and tutorial

Attending casting calls

Attending casting calls is the fastest way possible to have your modeling fame in shortest time possible. For anyone who’s been in the world of modeling for a while would know the importance of casting calls and this is the great chance to actually bring your career to the next level. Even so, there are still so many who got this call, and yet, they fail to climb up their modeling career through it.

The main reason why they fail their early casting calls is because the lack of knowledge and preparation on how to attend the model casting calls. This is one shot you get for a period, and you might probably won’t get one until another period which is who knows how long.

So here is what you should know about casting calls. They are important part of success for both models and the agents bringing them along. This is how directors and casting agents find their accurate person to do their job, whether it is a movie, a campaign or any other events. Whatever their need is, the most important point is this is your chance to be known by public and this means great expansion of your career. In this moment, several models will be evaluated at once and chosen based on the criterion for the event. This sure saves more time than having to meet each and every model one at a time. New models might get the chance to attend this call, but usually it is still beyond their capabilities.

Big event

So, how do we prepare for the big event? Starting from the most basic thing, your looks. You have to put up your best appearance before anything else. In this event, you should expect to see a swarm of professional model in the same caliber, or even much bigger than yours. Make sure you look shining in your own unique style so that the hosts will be able to put their attention instantly to you.

Put up your best suit or gown, anything requested on the invitation should be fulfilled. If there is no requirement, you can choose your own style and outfit. If you are not sure with your choice, you should consult a stylist or your acquaintance whom knows how to style. Anything you wear should accentuates your body shape. Don’t simply use anything in your wardrobe just because you are slim and tall.

Do not take things exaggeratedly. Just put your usual hairstyle, of anything requested and basic simple clothes. Do not wear anything extreme so that people will look at you with crazy impression. Standing out recklessly is easy, but you won’t get any help from that during the casting.

After all, you should be very confident of yourself. If you are not that confident then you will not pass this one. Make sure you are in the best condition, you wouldn’t want anything happen just before the casting begin, so keep your healthy lifestyle within 2 weeks before the casting begin, and you will have no problem at all.


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