How to become a model step by step

Starting your training on how to become a model without knowing a thing would bring you to a bitter end, just like many others. If you truly want to have career in this industry, you have to make effort step by step. These are not easy ones regarding each and every person has their own weaknesses, and it needs great effort and courage to start something you weak at.
1. Take Your Action.
To put it simply, you won’t achieve anything unless you start to act. Think about how big you want to be and you will, if you put enough action in it. For starters, you can try to have a commitment on how much time you will devote into developing your modelling career each day. This could cover your training, expanding knowledge, watching professional models channels, etc.
2. Throw Away Your Excuses.
You should know that EXCUSES would KEEP YOU FROM your goals, while REASONS would KEEP YOU ON. This is where you should start building your career, put up your reasons of why you choose this path and what you want to achieve.
3. Get rid of the restrictions
We have come to a totally modern world where everything is possible, including becoming a model in any ways. You don’t have to overthink about your height, weight, and age. In fact, the world of fashion has been evolving and there are endless possibilities to be part of it. Just throw in all you have into your best effort and surely you will find a way.
4. Polish your Poses.
What makes professional models differs from the amateurs? Of course their ability to pose and act in front of camera. It is important to have your ability to pose well-polished. If you have any difficulties on finding inspirations, you can look up in the internet and find hundreds of thousands pictures. Practice your pose at least until you won’t have to think before doing a great pose.
5. Find Your Agent After Finding a Photographer.
Create your own professional portfolio before applying to an agent. You can start looking for a photographer at a local photography school or college. You would be surprised to see how eager they are to have you, and if you are lucky enough, you will have splendid photos for you.
6. Beware of Scams.
This industry is so big that there are people wants to take advantages of it. New models will run across these scams in earlier stage of their careers. You will be sent a scam email, a long email stating how you have been hired which will provide you an upfront payment. Then they will send you a false check and ask you to forward some portion of the money for the preparations. The check is forged, and if you sent them money, it is as good as gone.
7. Learn Under a Mentor.
In this world of uncertainty, it is good to have someone experienced, find someone who has been in this industry for a long time. Ask her/him to teach you about how to become a model. But don’t be too trusting, do a background check first, not all people will have a good intentions. You should be aware that someday you might become his/her competitor and both of you are aware of that possibility.


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